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Exercising when you work away!!

A gym member asked me the other night if I could design a programme for her, she could do in a hotel room with a selection of resistance bands she has. I thought wow, what a brilliant idea. In the past I have given clients a series of bodyweight exercises to do in a hotel room, but resistance bands are an even better solution.

I'm relatively new to Australia, so getting used to the concept that a lot of people have to travel a lot with work, more so than in the UK. When working away a lot, it is often a challenge to maintain regular exercise routines. Hotel gyms aren't always that well equipped and hotel rooms don't offer that much space. However there is a way around this. There are a series of body weight exercises you can do that does not require a lot of room and as mentioned earlier, the use of resistance bands.

The lady in question explained why she uses them. Resistance bands don't take up much space in her suitcase. She does the exercises in her hotel room, so she doesn't need gym gear and can do the exercises in her underwear if she wants, so saving space on gym wear, trainers and towel. Obviously if you're on the ground floor make sure the curtains are closed!! She makes effective use of her surroundings, using the supporting post in the wardrobe to secure the band.

Putting our heads together, we came up with a challenging work out, which once completed she asked me to call "Hotel room torture". The workout can be done in a few different ways, 3 sets of 15 per exercise, circuit based so 15 reps each, or an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) in 20 minutes.

These were the exercises:

Standing Row

Cross Bow

Band aparts

Bicep curls

Tricep Extension

Dead Lifts

Hamstring/Quads push down

Kick Backs

Hip Abduction

Within that you can add in some body weight exercises, Push ups, squats or crunches/sit ups.

Resistance bands are available everywhere, most stores that stock sporting equipment will have them and they are available on line too. There are many different types available.

Its worth having a chat with a Personal Trainer if you do work away a lot, as our gym member did, I know I like a challenge and really enjoyed designing her programme for her, I love thinking outside the box.

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