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Please see below a list of the services including an outline describing each one. For more information on this please contact  ECRMT by phone or click the button below. Treatment plans and packages are available.  

Image by Jesper Aggergaard
Mobile Remedial Massage

Available on Mondays only.  Bringing remedial massage, rehabilitation and recovery to you.  Treating injuries, joint conditions, tight, sore muscles, or a maintenance massage, ECRMT can create your treatment plan to ensure you receive the best care.  Working with Allied Health Professionals, you're in good hands. 


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Rehabilitation Exercise
Prescription exercise to rehabilitate from injury.  With 9  years experience as a personal trainer, I can create a bespoke training plan to help with recovery and injury prevention. With on line training plans or face to face in your home.
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In-Line Physio Samford
Working from In-Line Physio Samford
Tuesday to Friday and alternate Saturdays
Book online at:
6 Main Street, Samford, 4521 
Tel: 07 3289 6122

Tel: 07 

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Dry Needling
Available at Inline Physio.  Dry needling is a technique used to treat musuloskeletal pain and movement issues.  It involves inserting thin, sharp needles through the skin to target underlying myofascial trigger points.  These trigger points are knotted, tender areas that develop in muscles and can cause pain.  By stimulating these points with needles, dry needling helps relieve pain, improve range of motion and increase blood flow.


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