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Benefits of relaxation massage

Relaxation massage is a great way to relax and let someone gently sooth away your daily stresses, in a clinic environment using essential oils to help you unwind and relax.

A one hour massage can reduce stress by lowering the heart rate and reducing levels of insulin and cortisol. Massage also improves blood circulation, leading to lower blood pressure and improved body functions.

Over time the body builds up unhealthy amounts of stress hormones such as cortisol. This stress can be caused by stress at work, at home, even sitting in traffic jams can make us stressed. Stress hormones can cause physical problems like digestive issues, headaches and sleeplessness. Relaxation massage decreases the level of stress hormones in the body, leaving you feeling relaxed and rested even after the massage is over.

A weekly massage as part of your healthy lifestyle, so eating well, exercising and relaxing could lead to a rich and fuller life.

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